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Medical Coding and Billing

The path to success always starts with the right attitude, education and training. We want to inspire you by not only speaking about the medical billing and coding career but also by giving examples of real people who have succeeded. Learn all there is to know about entering into the medical billing and coding career, finding medical billing jobs, and succeeding in this rewarding field. Medical billers are important members of the medical office team. Their vast knowledge, flexibility and skill comes into play each time a patient has received medical attention, a claim is coded, billed, and processed, and a case is closed. The medical billing career offers challenges, rewarding experiences, and good pay. Clerical and good organizational and people skills are also important traits to have. High school courses in mathematics, health, biology, typing, bookkeeping, computers and office skills will certainly help to pave the way for a career in medical billing and coding.

As reported in our catalog, you may see the following:
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The SOC and CIP codes for Medical Coding and Billing are SOC 29-2032, CIP 51.0910.