About the American Health Institute

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The American Health Institute Port Richey campus was founded in 2001 as a test preparation ceAmerican Health Institute Skills Trainingnter for Certified Nursing Assistants, then added continuing education credits for nursing and expanded the curriculum to include other programs.
Our facility consists of 3,000 sq. ft. which includes 5 classrooms, a library, study rooms for students, and a skill room.
The skill room contains medical beds, wheelchair, and other needed medical equipment used in hospitals and nursing homes today.
The multi-media library consists of reference textbooks and computer access for internet research, as well as extensive audio/video/CD-DVD selections for students to utilize as learning tools.

Students are encouraged to attend after class hours to practice skills and to take full advantage of the multi-media tools offered.

American Health Institute is a state licensed and approved school.
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- To verify that AHI is an approved school Click Here.
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